Thoughout his life Gary did various commissioned pieces. Below are his thouhts on commissioned art.


Commissioned Art

Actors and Artists are not so different when you think about it. The goals in both fields of art are accomplished in much the same way. The pitfalls are quite similar also. The danger for both is, of course, being "typecast" into one role.

Actors are encouraged to accept varied roles to gain experience and "stretch" their capabilities within the art of the theater. For the actor, research and attention to detail is extremly important. The little "bits of business" he develops drawing on his life experiences bring the actor's work to life.

I feel that commission work allows an artist to "stretch" his artistic skills in much the same way as the actor. It provides the"direction" that takes me out of my comfort zone.

Each commission I have done has taken me somewhere I have never been, both physically and mentally. I have memories stored up to draw on in future work that I never would have had otherwise. Ideas come from living and experience. I have been fortunate that my art has provided a living full of travel, relationships, and experiences to draw on.